It is said that over 1200 Japanese companies are already operating in Vietnam, the country which hold plenty young labor force. And this is the second place after Thailand in ASEAN countries. Vietnamese cheaper labor’s costs and a lot of high leveled engineers is attractive for developed countries.
You have to have a marketing research before starting your own business in Vietnam, especially you have any services for local people. If you need any web marketing, All Grow Labo can do it for you.

Web marketing by All Grow Labo
This affordable effective web marketing is possible by All Grow Labo that has Japanese and Vietnamese excellent technicians. If you already have your own website, test marketing is also available with a small fee. We have meetings with you and propose a way to attract your customers before using our effective way.
Homepage creation service in Vietnamese
You need a website written by Vietnamese when you start some services in Vietnam for show local Vietnamese. All Grow Labo has exclusive interpreters and writers so we will translate your website to Vietnamese and write it smoothly. In addition, we create a new web page by utilizing the newfangled internet technology of Vietnam. Therefore, the web page we create is same quality Japan with low cost.
Market Research Service
AllGrow Labo will do the market research in Ho Chi Minh City for you. Competitive research, feasibility studies, customer satisfaction surveys or questionnaires via the internet, etc. We can take full of advantage that we are in Ho Chi Minh City.